Marjory Release 2.6.1

Apr / 30 / 2021


  • Colors in business processes: Colors can be added on all your business process nodes.
  • Idempotency option prevents an action replay if data have already been sent. For example, if you need to launch an instance again after fixing an error and the customer account has already been created. To find out more on how to use it, please refer to How to use error management and fix feature with idempotency.
  • New properties panels for: sequence flows, throw events and script tasks.


  • My instances entry has been enhanced. You can filter your instance by:
    • process name
    • version name
    • id
    • creation date
    • environment (prod or sandbox)
    • variable (for example : order ID, customer ID, customer e-mail...)
  • Fix errors with more ease. You can find the steps here.