Marjory's goal is to facilitate the management and nesting of services with your platform, taking into account the constraints and subtleties of both parts. All thanks to our management via processes.

Discover Marjory solution

Marjory is a SaaS platform that helps orchestrate Marketplace and easily integrate new services. Marjory acts as a management platform to help manage simultaneously Marketplace framework, IT system, organisation and the third-party services needed.
Marjory allows you:
  • to scope your marketplace project - the business process editor makes easier the transition from the concept to its execution. Design your vision with workflows to make executable actions.
  • to automate your marketplace with workflows - with the technical process editor, orchestrate your information system, tools and services and user actions.
  • to integrate tools and services - connect your external tools and services directly in Marjory's product. Integrate them in workflows to automate their intervention.
  • to analyse and optimize - view the past and current executions. Identify technical and functional improvements.

Login to Marjory

Marjory Login page
To connect to your Marjory platform you need to login with the username and password provided. When Login for the first time to your environment, you'll be asked to update your password.
You can request a password reset in case of password lost, you'll receive an email with the instructions to change your password.
If the SSO (Single Sign On) access is configured on your environment, you can use this option to access Marjory. For the first login, you'll be asked to complete your user informations.

Marjory navigation experience

TIPS: We strongly recommend that you use Chrome, for a better experience.
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    Menu - Dashboard | Technical processes | Business processes | Services | Tasks | Instances | Organization
  2. 2.
    Work panel - Shows the screens related to the active menu entry and allows the user to interact with Marjory.
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    User account management - change your account settings, as you password, name…