Event management

List, view and replay events

Event list

The Event logs menu lists all received events from external services in the tab External Events and from other instances in the tab Internal Events.
You can search for a specific event by data - the data is the content of the event received.
You can also filter the event list based on a period of creation date, origin, type or status.

External events logs

Each external event is identified by following information:
  • Creation date - event sending date.
  • Origin - the service source of the event.
  • Type - event type defined on the service.
  • Status - treatment status of the event by the catch event.

Internal events logs

Each internal event is identified by the following information:
  • Creation date - event sending date
  • Correlation value - the correlation value that allows to correlate the event with an instance - if defined.
  • Type - signal type/name.
  • Event sender - the process version from which the event was sent.
  • Status - the treatment status of the event by the catch event.

Event status

An event is considered as:
  • ONGOING when the event is received and being processed to identify the targets.
  • TREATED if the received event:
    • is associated to an instance awaiting this event and was correctly treated by the awaiting catch event - the instance advances to the following nodes;
    • started a new instance;
    • did not find any instance awaiting this event (no active catch event) - the event is considered as TREATED and a message indicates "No instances found" in the Detail Error field.
  • FAILED when the event is received but due to an internal error (e.g. jsflow or workflow repository unavailable), Marjory was not able to identify targets: the instance to target or the workflow to start.
  • PARTIALLY TREATED when the targets are identified but an error occurred - details are available for each target identified and can be accessed to see the detailed error.

Actions on events

Two actions are available for each event:
  • REPLAY - resend the event, to be used when the status of the event is FAILED or PARTIALLY TREATED.
=> Owner and Admin users are able to modify the event data before replay it.
Be careful, any data modification will impact the whole instance
  • VIEW DETAILS - access the details of the event treatment. The details shows:
    • the event received;
    • the detailed error for FAILED events;
  • the targets identified and statuses for each one when the event is TREATED or PARTIALLY TREATED - you can access the detail of each target.