How to configure your environment

Set global environment settings
When configuring your process and executions, you may need to set global environment variables that will be used in the different processes.

Environment variables definition

These variables will be set via the Settings menu.
You can define as much environment variables as needed.
Each variable is defined by:
  • Key: environment variable key. Should be unique and in a all caps SNAKE_CASE (all words combined by replacing each space with an underscore (_) and all letters are capitalized - e.g. ENV_NAME), should not exceed 256 characters.
  • Value: value to be assigned to the environment variable (required). Should be a string value and should not exceed 4KB.
You can EDIT or DELETE existing environment variable. You need to make sure the environment variable is not used in your various processes, otherwise your processes will no longer be functional.

Environment variables use

You can use the environment variable in the following nodes:
  • actions of a module - you do not need to define an input
  • task scripts
  • user task - in the On Entry and On Exit scripts
To use an environment variable you need to you use following syntax: env.ENVIRONMENT_KEY