Via the launcher
You can start a process version from the launcher located in Marjory portal. Follow the steps bellow and launch your instance.
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    Follow the steps :
  • access the tab “Launcher” on the process version view
  • Add the information needed to launch a new instance of the process version
all the process variables and data needed to start a process version should be added (JSON syntax should be respected) - see the sample below :
"processVariables": {
"seller": {
"reference": "",
"countryCode": "FR",
"email": "[email protected]",
"identifierType": "SIREN",
"identifierValue": "123456789",
"firstName": "Marjory",
"lastName": "DUPONT",
"mobile": "0612345678",
"landLine": "0112345678"
2. Known errors & resolution
  • Error - process version is not active => the process version is not deployed and instances can’t be started. You should deploy the process version.
  • Error - unvalid JSON please check the syntax again => the syntax of the information added is invalid. You should check the syntax and the content of the Launcher.
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