Test and deploy your process

Test your process in the sandbox and deploy.

How to deploy a process

Deploy a process version implies that instances of this process version can be started. Only DRAFT processes can be deployed. When deployed, the status of the technical process is ACTIVE.
To deploy a technical process, you need to access the editor view and click on the deploy button
of the Actions panel.
This action will ensure that the technical process structure is correct, that the configuration is completed and deploy the technical process. It will not ensure that the deployed process will run.

How to ensure a process version is functional

  1. 1.
    Functional test coverage
    1. 1.
      scripts execution
    2. 2.
      nodes execution
  2. 2.
    1. 1.
      create a process instance (start a process version)
    2. 2.
      check process instance execution: go throw every node error, handle, deploy the process version and restart the execution of the instance (if an update of the process version is needed the process version should go through the different steps) till all the errors are handled.