Marjory Release 2.6.0

Feb / 22 / 2021


  • New feature : Create your business processes: You can now work on business processes to scope a project and present the vision of your marketplace. Contrary to the classic processes, business processes are non executable. Besides, "My processes" has become "My technical processes".
  • You can find all past business workflow versions: All former versions of the business workflows are archived behind the related button within the "Business Processes" entry.
  • The editor can be opened in new tab: This is now possible to work with multiple editors at the same time.
  • Services can be filtered by name or by category: You can't find the service you are looking for ? You can now filter the services displayed in "My services" entry.


  • Autosave: Your workflows are automatically saved every 10 seconds so that you can't loose your work.
  • Your module and actions are sorted by status: Depending on if they are already installed, filled with credentials or not setup yet, your modules and actions are easier to be found.
  • Configuring a service provider in the workflow has been simplified: You don't need to declare all variables anymore. Ready-to-run scripts and input model informations are now provided using javascript editor with autocomplete.
  • Test your process within your editor: A sandbox allows you to test your process directly in your editor and get access to potential error details.


  • Module generation from swagger is available: With the swagger generation, adding a new service provider is easier and faster
  • Partner’s onboarding and Module’s documentation are now online: All the partner’s focus documentation is now centralized. In order to keep our documentation up to date, this update has been triggered and filled on each partner’s integration.
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