Global Logs tab

When clicking on "Monitoring" menu entry, you will land on the main "Logs" page, which is the control tower of your tenant activity
The Logs page will display all the activity logs that happens on your Marjory Tenants
The main features of the Logs page are:
1) search bar => you can type any information you want to search for logs. the search bar based on elastic search logic - you may use any existing filter in your query
2) Filtering by dates => Select Start and End dates to see the logs in this specific time slot
3) Graphic => Here is a graphical rendering of your current logs querry, showing the user all type of logs (error/ Info / trace / warn). You can select a specific time period directly on the graphic.
4) Logs tab => depending on your research filters, the page show you all the logs available. clicking on a line will open a Logs detail panel, showing you all date going through the logs
Logs page description