Technical processes

A technical process is an executable sequence of nodes configured accordingly to the business need.
This view shows all the processes available to the operator and the different versions of each one.
Each process version is defined by the following data:
  • Status: status of the process version can be DRAFT, ACTIVE, DISABLED or ARCHIVED.
When created, the default status is DRAFT. The process version can be modified, deleted, overwritten, saved and deployed.
When deployed - the process version becomes ACTIVE. Instances (executions of the process version) can be launched.
The ACTIVE process version cannot be updated anymore. Any update implies a new version creation.
No new instance can be launched, the running instances continue their standard run. The DISABLED process version can’t be deployed anymore.
The ARCHIVED process versions are not shown anymore on the process version list view. All the running instances of an archived process version are stopped.
  • Name: process name.
  • Description: process description.
  • ID: process version ID - the unique reference.
  • Version: process version - automatically incremented when a new version is created.
  • Activation date: creation date of the process version.